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Your Electrician Floyd, TX

We've Been Serving Customers For Over 24 Years!

Rockwall Electric Electrician Team

As the most trusted electrician in Floyd, TX, our customers are always treated with honesty and timely electrical repair service. If another company is asking for your business, always ask to see their paperwork to verify they truly are offering the experience and supervision of a Master Electrician.  Rockwall Electric Heating and Air is owned and operated by a Master Electrician and has satisfied Floyd customers since 1994!


Also know that, when many repair companies perform service work, they do so with profits in mind – not your safety!  Through the years, we have been the electrician Floyd residents call to ‘fix’ what the other guys started.


Inferior parts, quality, and service really can leave homeowners at risk for future damage or devastation. For example, faulty electrical outlets and/or incorrect wiring assemblies can short out and smolder for hours before being noticed.  Parts not designed for certain electrical loads can be installed as a ‘quick fix’ and fail. Inferior electrical workmanship may be performed without the customer’s knowledge simply because the technician assumes that “what the customer can’t see won’t hurt them”.


Your Floyd Electrician


At Rockwall Electric Heating and Air, the safety, security, and reliability of your home are our top priority.  As the most trusted, dependable electrician in Floyd, TX, you can count on Rockwall Electric Heating and Air for all things electrical in your home. We are knowledgeable of local electrical codes and always deliver superior service.  Whether it’s to repair an electrical problem, or simply help you make electrical home improvements, we’re on our way!


Check out our many testimonials, see our Google Reviews and schedule your electrical repair service request today!


  • Install LED Lighting

  • Repair Electrical Outlets

  • Install Security Lights

  • Security Gate Wiring

  • Porch and Patio Lighting

  • Fix Hot Tub Wiring

  • Replace Ceiling Fans

  • Troubleshoot Breakers and Fuses

  • Prevent Electronic Damage with Lightning Protection & Surge Protection

  • Electrical Panel Replacement and Upgrade

  • Meter Upgrade and Repair

  • Wire Landscape and Flower Bed Lights

  • General Indoor and Outdoor Wiring


For the most qualified Floyd Electrician, call (972) 771-5390  today and a friendly representative will call you to schedule an appointment or schedule your electrical repair service request online.

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Rockwall Electric Customer Service
Floyd Electrician

We love to serve the community of Floyd, TX. We are not a large corporate electrician, and because of this, we deliver the local service that your family and business deserve. This an unincorporated community in Hunt County, Texas according to Wikipedia.  We appreciate the ability to deliver safe and reliable electrical services to local Floyd, Texas homeowners, and businesses.  Schedule an electrician today!

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