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14 Creative Ways to Use LED Light Strips in Your House

Are you looking for ways to get the perfect style and ambiance in your home?

If you've tried new furniture and decor but haven't focused on your accent lighting, you're missing out on an opportunity to make a big design impact.

LEDs are the perfect way to bring ambient and feature lighting into the home at an affordable cost. LED light strips, which last for around 50,000 hours, are an economical and stylish option for unique home lighting.

If you want to get creative with your interior lighting design, read on for unique ways you can incorporate LED strip lights into your home that are sure to shine bright!

1. Under Cabinet Lighting

For an easy kitchen makeover, consider adding strip lights to the undersides of overhead cabinets. Strip lights can put the focus on your prep areas so you can work in the kitchen more effectively. 

If you add a dimmer to your LED light installation, you can dim the cabinet lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner or a cocktail party. They also make stylish backsplashes look fantastic.

2. Headboard Highlights

Consider mounting strip lighting to the back of your headboard to create a soft halo around the head of your bed. Headboard lighting can help anchor your bed as the central focus of the room and stylishly show off a beautiful bed frame and bedding.

If you have a canopy bed, consider adding strip lighting inside the canopy, instead. Mood lighting in the bedroom is often a perfect touch for a couple, or can be a fun fairy tale experience for the kids!

3. Display Shelves

What better way to feature your library or display collectibles than with feature lighting?

Adding some LED strips to the underside of display shelving will draw the eye to the items on display and give them new prominence in the home.

4. Luxe Vanity Lighting

Surrounding the bathroom mirror with rear-mounted LED lighting can create a modern feel that is also practical. Late-night trips to the washroom need not blind you, instead, you'll be greeted by soft ambient light in the middle of the night.

In addition, rear mirror lighting can give a luxurious touch to your vanity area, much like a hotel or professional dressing room. Good lighting is essential for morning routines, so place LED feature lights in the best locations to illuminate your grooming and beauty regimen. 

5. Architectural Features

Highlight unique architectural shapes in your home with well-placed strip lighting. If your entryway has a unique design, or you have dramatic ceilings, these are great opportunities to draw the eye up and around the beautiful details of your home's construction.

6. Your Own Art Gallery

Accenting special artwork or gallery walls in the home with LED strips will make your displays feel worthy of hanging in a museum. Give distinction to special decor, paintings, photos, and more with their own feature lights. 

7. Multimedia Lighting

Your TV console could benefit from a splash of light! Mount strips to the underside of your console or entertainment center for a perfect movie night. 

Feeling ambitious? Why not try some basic programming and install lights that change color based on what's happening on screen? Custom color-changing lighting can give you a home entertainment experience that beats any movie theater. 

8. Glowing Home Bar

If you love entertaining, bringing a splash of light to your home bar area is the perfect way to take a cocktail hour to new heights. Liquor bottles and pint glasses look incredible when backlit by accent lighting. Treat your guests to a party atmosphere with some simple lighting upgrades and make yourself look like a master bartender!

9. Fairy Garden

Make more use of your patio by installing outdoor strip lighting in key areas. Highlight your favorite planters, your decking, or other feature areas to create a comfortable outdoor seating area that's perfect for a magical evening under the stars.

10. Dramatic Stairways

Installing strip lighting to the underside of each step on a flight of stairs can improve nighttime visibility and bring drama to an often overlooked area of your home. Create an eye-catching pattern of repeating lights for an inviting look that is beautiful and functional. 

11. In-Cabinet Lighting

Sure, you've considered under-cabinet lights, but what about providing more functional lights inside your cabinets and drawers? Never rummage through a dark cabinet looking for your favorite frying pan again!

Low-profile strip lights are perfect for placing in a desk or kitchen drawer, as well. Imagine the ease at which you can locate items in your office if each drawer had a light to guide your way.

12. Illuminated Island

Placed under a kitchen island, strip lights create a unique floating appearance. Bring attention to your beautiful tile or wood floors while adding a touch of light to often-neglected lower areas.

13. Elevate Your Bathing Routine

If you like a relaxing soak in the tub, imagine the comfort of soft LED lighting creating a spa-like experience during your peaceful soak. Free-standing tubs could have LED lighting installed underneath for a floating feeling or create sconces or ceiling light features of relaxing colors to paint your bath in calming hues.

14. Upscale Dressing Room

To turn up the class and functionality of your closet space, consider installing strip lights behind your rods. Put your fashions on display to create a well-lit, functional wardrobe to help you dress your best.

Especially for walk-in closets or dressing rooms, extra light can create a stylish boudoir or department-store feel for an otherwise drab and under-lit area of your home. Consider adding a set of strip lights behind your full-length mirror, too.

LED Light Strips Have Endless Possibilities

LEDs have come far from their humble beginnings. Today, LED light strips give off the same warm glow as the incandescent bulbs we all know, but with the added benefits of longevity and versatility.

At Rockwall Electric, we understand the importance of stylish and functional lighting in the home. Contact us today for professional installation and advice on your lighting project. We can help take your home lighting to the next level. 


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