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Ideas For Your Indoor Electrical Lighting Installation

Your house is your castle and it deserves the best. Modern lighting and electrical appliances can give you this. New recessed lighting installation will put a smile on the faces of your family. What are some new ideas to do this? Indoor lighting installation is an art that good electricians enjoy creating. We here at Rockwall Electric do it with pride.

The newest style of indoor lighting installation

Coming home after a hard day's work to dim and boring lighting is a downer. It can also be a hazard to the health of your eyes. New lighting systems are able to fix these problems and do it in a way that saves money. A lighting system using light-emitting diodes, also known as LEDs, is the name of the most modern lighting system we offer. Old incandescent light bulbs have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Getting the right chandelier installation

Living rooms and dining rooms sometimes need a Midas touch. Chandeliers can provide the crowning touch with remarkable ease. The good news is that they are probably less expensive than you may think. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, not just the Victorian style. The look can be with LED candles, crystal, or futuristic shapes. A new futuristic chandelier installation that has a geometric pattern is also available. The ever-popular drum shape can be highlighted with metal to be a sparkly addition to a formal looking dining room. The wagon-wheel chandelier is still high on the popularity charts as well. We can install all of these with the aforementioned LED lights to give the proper ambiance to your home. We make chandeliers large or small to fit in any place that is needed.

Indoor lighting installation with LED strip lights

Strip lights have been popular for many years. Now they have gone off the scale of originality and functionality thanks to the addition of the LED. Incandescent bulb strip lights were relegated to one color in the past. Now you can have whatever color you want and in whatever time frame as well. For instance, a new lighting installation with sixteen colors is available and can perform with your favorite music to provide the same effect as the club downtown.

Strip lighting is now flexible enough to go around corners. Running an LED system around the kitchen cabinets provides a cool and useful solution for extra lighting right where it is needed. Many people are installing strip lights in the top corners of their ceilings to give even lighting while creating a pleasing aesthetic effect. Many strip light systems are controllable with a hand-held remote for a maximum level of convenience. Changing colors is quick and on-demand.

LED strip lights are adjustable in their brightness, create no noticeable heat and use very little electricity. Their ability to be controlled by the growing "internet of things", or IoT, computer systems means they are going to be useful as security devices, not just simple lighting.

The recessed lighting installation of your dreams

Recessed lighting provides an expensive feel to the inside of a house. Many useful effects can be accomplished with this type of lighting. For instance, if you have one chair that you sit in regularly, some recessed lights right above will serve to give light for reading while not bothering others. Some of our customers enjoy silhouetting their framed art with recessed lights. This brings subtle and telling attention to your artistic tastes.

We have recessed lighting equipment available in many pleasing styles to choose from. If you prefer the look of the previous incandescent bulb, but would also like to save money on energy, we can handle that. We now have LED bulbs that imitate the look of an incandescent bulb. They maintain the old look, but because they have LEDs on the inside, they use a minuscule amount of energy and produce hardly any heat.

Some of our customers like to install recessed lighting fixtures on the outside of their home. These can light up walkways at night with a measure of style. They look fabulous and can help to provide some security as well.

Coming up with more ideas that will complement your home and your life is what we do. These are just a few examples that can spark the imagination. Our years of experience installing lights in homes is enough to do all of the above and more. We are not limited to what you see here. Sometimes you really can have it all. Reach out and contact us today about your electrical lighting.


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