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What Are The Different Types of Electrical Outlets?

Rockwall Electric Types of Outlets

Outlets are the critical parts of all electrical systems, and electricians use various outlet types to meet multiple needs. Rockwall Electric has the knowledge and experienced team to help you choose what style best suits your home or business.

Below, we'll describe many different types available:

Two-Prong Outlets:

Two-prong outlets are standard in older homes. These outlets that have a 15 amp, 125-volt circuit with a two-wire configuration are obsolete and dangerous. Updates should get made to meet safety requirements.

Three-Prong Outlets:

Operate on 15 Amp, 125 Volts. This outlet type can be found in most homes and identified by the three-prong design with two vertical slots on top and an upside-down U shape grounding hole at the bottom. The ground wire is responsible for proper grounding and will protect you from deadly electrical shocks if wiring loosens.

Switch/Outlet Combos:

This winning combination - outlet provides two features in one device. They are perfect for kid's room lamps and nightlights but can also allow you to transform a single receptacle into an additional switch or outlet without the hassle of adding any wires.

GFCI Outlets:

GFCI outlets are necessary for areas where water is present, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, or outdoor living spaces. GFCI outlets prevent electric current from leaking by monitoring the flow of electricity and cutting off power to equipment if the current leaks or spikes to a hazardous level. In addition, they feature "TEST" and "RESET" buttons to ensure higher safety levels.

20 Amp, 125 Volt Outlets - With high-current devices, like those specified by electrical codes, these outlets are similar in appearance to standard outlets. To find a 20-amp outlet, make sure the slot connecting the vertical and horizontal part is on the left.

20 Amp, 250 Volt Outlets - A standard 20-amp, 250-volt outlet features a T-shaped slot on the left side and a horizontal slot on the right side. There is also a U-shaped ground hole at the bottom. These outlets are ideal for use with air compressors and hobby shop equipment.

Newer Electrical Outlet Options

Aside from the standard three square prong outlets, many different types are available for purchase. Low cost and quick to install, these enhanced outlets offer features not typically found on standard outlets.

USB Outlets: Are all your family members struggling to find enough outlets to charge their mobile devices? USB sockets provide them with the solution.

Recessed Outlets: With recessed outlets, you can add extra power to your home and keep the area around appliances free of cables.

Tamper-Resistant Receptacles: These innovative outlets are required by law in newly built homes and help to prevent accidental electrocution.

Have more questions about the electrical system in your Rockwall, Texas home or maybe you need help wiring your home office? Rockwall Electric has answers! Please contact us today and schedule your service.


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