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What Is A Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is someone who knows how to replace and repair electrical systems, circuits, and wiring in commercial buildings. Rockwall Electric provides these services to businesses in Rockwall and surrounding areas. If you need information about the characteristics and qualities of a commercial electrician in Rockwall TX, you'll find great details in this blog post.

We Tackle Common Electrical Jobs

Our jobs require precision and accuracy. During the planning phase, we may create diagrams for different systems; the diagram details helps us resolve conduit problems according to local electrical codes. If a general contractor hires us, we'll discuss to design blueprints for a new electrical layout. In some cases, a contractor may already have plans; during these situations, we'll begin implementing service procedures while working from the blueprints.

We also tackle difficult jobs that require more work. As electricians, we run lengthy heavy-duty electrical wiring and install industrial-grade conduits. Typically, use long wires around circuit break panels, switches, and relays.

If something in your building needs power, an electrician can help. General wiring is a crucial part of our service as we wire instruments for a variety of devices that distribute power. We connect power lines to

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Heating units

  • Refrigerators

  • Air conditioners

We Use Tactical Electrical Equipment

Commercial electrical jobs require tests because testing is the only way to find inefficiencies that can impact safety. To ensure that all wiring in a busy commercial building is ideal, we use ohmmeters and test meters. Usually, we perform continuity tests after we install new electrical systems. This tactic helps us determine whether or not a system will operate at an optimum level. Our testing procedures also help us find shorts and other problems that could break a system. After completing tests, we always take practical steps to either replace or repair conduits and wiring.

Some commercial equipment can only be serviced after key paneling is removed. We use proper tools to gain access to electrical hardware. During simple jobs, we rely on

  • Knives

  • Screwdrivers

  • Pliers

We also tackle jobs using various power tools, different conduit benders, and a variety of pipe threaders. To ensure speedy results, our commercial electricians always arrive at project sites equipped adequately with all of the required tools for specific service tasks.

We're Properly Educated

To service new and old equipment, an electrician must understand all aspects of pneumatic and hydraulics systems. We are seasoned electricians, and we know about specific principles, like using magnetic controls and logic controllers, which are standard commercial electrical equipment components.

If you have a system with advanced electrical hardware, you can count on us during maintenance or repair jobs. These jobs require accurate measurements and the ability to identify single-phase or three-phase hardware. We have these skills and more, and we also know how to service equipment with a gas delivery system.

Common Commercial Electrician Skills

All of our commercial electricians are highly trained. We have the required skills for a variety of jobs. Our main skill set includes

  • Mechanical skills: Mechanical aptitude is a critical skill that every electrician needs. It involves taking things apart correctly to examine vital components thoroughly. We are very comfortable disassembling systems, and we confidently put everything back together in the right way. Our solid mechanical skills help us efficiently service advanced fridges and stoves for restaurants, complicated lighting systems in large buildings, and more.

  • Problem-solving skills: Before every job, problem-solving is needed to diagnose equipment that requires maintenance or repairs effectively. In many cases, there may be many ways to resolve an issue, and investigating is the best way to determine the most efficient service method for an electrical problem.

  • Reading skills: Reading is a vital skill for a commercial electrician since the details of a typical job are printed. This skill helps an electrician follow directions on work orders. It makes the process of avoiding safety issues and disputes easier after completing projects.

  • Business skills: To work with companies that need electrical services, an electrician must have solid business skills. Our electricians understand general business practices that involve invoices and inventory. Because of this, you'll get quality services and professional paperwork if you let us tackle your commercial electrical jobs.

Besides typical maintenance and repairs, there are many other times when you'll benefit from hiring a commercial electrician in Rockwall, TX. You can hire a technician for

  • Collaborating projects: Collaborations give locals opportunities to work with us during new wiring jobs. We work to collaborate with engineers, architects, and other professionals who own equipment that uses wiring. If you need blueprints for any installation before a new construction project, you'll benefit from developing blueprints while collaborating with our seasoned technicians.

  • Quality control: Quality control helps businesses maintain safe environments. Our electricians conduct thorough tests during these jobs to ensure that all existing wiring is in peak condition.System updates: In all cities, some codes apply to electrical systems in commercial buildings. If a business has an older system that doesn't meet the requirements for these codes, the equipment must be updated with newer electrical hardware. During these situations, our services can be very beneficial.

  • Efficiency routines: Over time, some electrical systems in a commercial building will develop performance problems. The easiest way to ensure that all order systems perform well throughout all situations is by improving them. By working with us, you can make these systems better by incorporating new components or by reducing the workload with new devices or appliances.

  • Modifications: If you have any electrical systems that don't meet specific energy standards, we can implement procedures to modify critical components. Our smart modification tactics can make demanding hardware more environmentally friendly.

  • Blueprint details: Whenever you need help reading or understanding blueprints, we can break down the details. Our electricians can explain where circuits, panels, outlets, and other components should be installed according to a blueprint.


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