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Let's Get Your Electrical Problems Solved

Rockwall Electric Heating and Air is your trusted partner for all your electrical needs. As licensed electricians in Garland, Texas, we specialize in delivering top-notch electrical services to residential and commercial clients.

Rockwall Electric Heating and Air commits to providing reliable solutions that meet your requirements, whether you need installations, repairs, or maintenance. Experience excellence in electrical services in Garland with Rockwall Electric Heating and Air, your local expert in the field. Choose us as your preferred Garland, TX electrician today!

In Garland, we take pride in offering the best electrical work. We highly recommend contacting Rockwall Electric Heating and Air today and scheduling your service request.

Rockwall Electric House

Generac Generators

We proudly offer Generac generator installation and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients. We know you need a reliable backup power source to keep your family safe and comfortable when the power goes out.

Power When You Need It Most

Generac Generator


For over 24 years, Rockwall Electric Heating and Air has been the most trusted and reliable source for North Texas electrician services. We make sure that everything is working properly and safely.

We manage your electrical issues, encompassing fixes, setting up lighting, LED power-saving transformations, ceiling fans, outlet mending, substitutions, and beyond!

Help When You Need It Most!

Certified Rockwall Electrician

Surge Protection

Let Rockwall Electric Heating and Air help you with home surge protection or electrician services. Call us at (972) 441-2437 or use our service request form to learn how you can benefit from home surge protection.

High-tech gadgets, appliances, and computers all have one weakness in common: vulnerability to power surges. Too much electricity coursing through connecting wires can fry circuitry inside sensitive electronics. Learn more about what causes power surges and how to prevent them to keep yourself safe.

Stay Safe In Storms

Lightning Storm next to House

Electrical Panels

In years past, many electrical panels in North Texas homes did not install for today's electricity needs. You’ve probably experienced a blown fuse or tripped breaker. 

The circuit will shut down in order to prevent overheating, which can lead to sparks and electrical fires.

Do You Need to Upgrade?


LED Energy Saving

With an increasing energy demand, many homeowners are turning to LED lighting as their primary indoor and outdoor lighting source. Let Rockwall Electric Heating and Air consult with you in transitioning towards energy savings, value, and the overall good looks of LED lighting!

The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. They last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.

Do You Have LED Lights?

LED Lightbulbs

Electrical Lighting

You can rely on us for all your lighting requirements. Whether it's a simple LED upgrade or a full lighting installation, we guarantee to do it correctly from the start.

Having busted lights isn’t the only reason to upgrade or add lighting to your home or office. You can improve your place without spending a lot by adding new lighting. An alternative could be swapping out boring room lighting for an elegant chandelier.

Do You Need New Lighting?

Lighting Design

Grounding & Bonding

Properly bond and ground any CSST pipe in your residential or commercial property. Install a bonding device on your gas system to lower the risk of gas leaks or fires.

We primarily provide bonding to prevent people in contact with the gas piping from experiencing a possible electric shock. Nearby lightning strikes can also result in an electrical surge and potentially puncture a CSST hole. Proper bonding and grounding will reduce the risk of damage and fire from a lightning strike.

Do You Have a Grounding Problem?

Electrical Outlet Repair
Brightly Lit Kitchen

In need of a dependable electrician in Garland, TX?

Rockwall Electric Heating and Air is your go-to electrical service contractor in North Texas. We specialize in residential and commercial work (circuit breaker repair, general wiring, and surge protection).


Hire a professional electrician from our locally owned and operated business. Licensed and insured, we are ready with a wide range of quality electrical services that give you peace of mind.

We’ve Got All Your Electrical Needs Covered

We Get the
Job Done Right

With over two decades of experience in electrical services, we readily provide all your residential and commercial electrical needs.

  • Troubleshooting

  • Surge protection

  • Electrical panels

  • LED energy saving

  • Electrical Lighting

  • Grounding & Bonding


We address all your electrical concerns with efficient and cost-effective services — no hidden fees!

When you need Garland electricians, look no further than Rockwall Electric Heating and Air. We can also do our best to offer local Garland area recommendations for other residential services. We can connect you to home services like custom pool builders, plumbers, AC repair contractors, roofers, landscapers, and more!

Call us today for high-quality electrical repair and troubleshooting services.

We Service Garland, TX and Surrounding Cities

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Who is Rockwall Electric Heating and Air?

We understand family & safety.

Rockwall Electric Family Photo
Outdoor Landscape Lighting by Rockwall Electric

Also known as home electricians, residential electricians are the tradespeople who repair and install various electrical systems at home. This job could include lighting, HVAC, and even home security systems.

Electricians are skilled, licensed professionals who work in customers' homes. They inspect, install, repair, and maintain critical electrical systems throughout the house.

Typical duties include:

  • Interpreting blueprints and technical drawings

  • Installing new wiring and lighting

  • Inspecting components to ensure safety and correct installation

  • Maintaining home electrical systems

  • Replacing broken parts

  • Diagnosing critical problems in the home

  • Fully understanding local and federal regulations for safe electrical systems

Residential Electrician Rockwall TX.jpeg
Commercial Electrician Rockwall TX_edited.jpg

A commercial electrician knows how to replace and repair electrical systems, circuits, and wiring in commercial buildings. Rockwall Electric Heating and Air provides these services to businesses in Garland and surrounding areas.

Our jobs require precision and accuracy. During the planning phase, we may create diagrams for different systems. We can run lengthy heavy-duty electrical wiring and install industrial-grade conduits. Typically, use long wires around circuit break panels, switches, and relays.

If something in your building needs power, an electrician can help. General wiring is crucial to our service as we wire instruments for various devices that distribute power. We connect power lines to:

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Heating units

  • Refrigerators

  • Air conditioners

We Would Love To Service You! Schedule Today!

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