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Top 7 Signs It's Time to Call an Electrician

Do the lights in your home flicker almost every single time you turn them on?

If so, you might be thinking, "I need an electrician." And you're right! Flickering lights could potentially be a sign of a big problem with your electrical system, and you should have them looked at right away.

There are lots of other signs that will also let you know you need to call an electrician immediately. Avoid putting it off for too long as these signs could be an indication that your electrical system is putting you and your home at risk.

Here are 7 other signs that'll tell you it's time to call an electrician.

1. Your Circuit Breakers Are Tripping on a Regular Basis

The circuit breakers in your home are going to trip from time to time. When you attempt to use too much power in a specific part of your house, the circuit breakers are designed to trip.

However, if you find that your circuit breakers are tripping all the time for no good reason, it could be a problem. You might be inadvertently loading a circuit, or your electrical panel simply might not be equipped to handle the appliances you have plugged in inside your home.

Either way, it's never a good idea to continue allowing circuit breakers to trip repeatedly. Outside of being a major inconvenience, it could be your home's way of telling you something is amiss.

2. Your Electrical Panel Is Outdated

Does your home have a Federal Pacific electrical panel installed in it? There were thousands of Federal Pacific electrical panels installed in homes throughout Texas in the 1960s, 1970s, and part of the 1980s.

Initially, these electrical panels worked just fine for most homeowners. But over the years, the breakers in these panels proved to be faulty. The circuit breakers in them would fail to trip and lead to fires in homes.

Federal Pacific has since gone out of business. But there are still some Texas homeowners who have their electrical panels in their homes. If you have one, it's time to get rid of it as quickly as you can.

You should also consider replacing your home's electrical panel if it's more than 25 years old. There's a good chance it's no longer equipped to handle the demands of your home.

3. Your Home's Electrical Switches and Outlets Feel Warm

Have you noticed that some of the electrical switches and outlets in your home feel warm when you touch them?

That is a very bad sign and could indicate that your electrical system is malfunctioning. None of the electrical components in your home should ever feel warm to the touch.

The area around switches and outlets should stay cool, too. If it ever heats up unexpectedly, especially when you're using a switch or outlet, get in touch with an electrician.

4. You're Remodeling Your Home and Moving Electrical Wires Around

If the kitchen in your home has seen better days or a bathroom in your house is no longer functional for your growing family, you might be thinking about tackling a remodeling or renovation job.

Before you do, contact an electrician and find out what you'll need to do to move electrical wires around during the project. From relocating outlets to adding new switches, there are a variety of electrical tasks that need to be done during a home remodeling or renovation job.

If you don't have the necessary experience to carry out these electrical tasks on your own, an electrician can see to it that they get done right.

5. You Have Extension Cords Running All Over Your House

There are so many different things that people need to plug in these days. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more all need to be recharged on a regular basis.

The problem is that most homeowners don't have enough outlets to go around. So, unfortunately, many of them end up running extension cords to various parts of their homes to provide them with enough power.

Has your home been overtaken by extension cords? You need to have new outlets installed pronto. This will help you steer clear of creating tripping hazards in your home and overloading certain circuits.

6. Your Wiring System Needs to Be Grounded

Most newer homes have plenty of three-prong outlets that can be used for larger appliances. But some older homes only have two-prong outlets that aren't grounded.

If your home has two-prong outlets, you should not be plugging items that require three-prong outlets into them. This could lead to a fire if you're not careful.

An electrician can ground your wiring system for you and outfit your home with the three-prong outlets that many modern appliances need.

7. Your Home Doesn't Have Enough Lighting

There are so many benefits that come along with installing new lighting in your home.

New lighting will obviously brighten a space up and make it look better. It'll also help you and your family avoid unnecessary accidents caused by a lack of light. Additionally, new lighting in a kitchen or bathroom can add a touch of elegance that didn't exist before.

You can even add new lighting to the exterior of your home to make it look nicer and improve your home's security. In the process, you'll make your home more valuable as a whole.

Just make sure you work with an electrician that specializes in installing new lighting. It'll ensure your new lights work the way they should.

Stop Saying "I Need an Electrician" and Call One Today!

If you've been telling yourself, "I need an electrician," for months now, there's absolutely no reason to put it off any longer.

Delaying electrical problems will usually only make things worse. In some situations, it could even lead to a fire breaking out in your home and doing serious damage to it.

The next time you notice one of the signs listed here, call an electrician for assistance right away. Read our blog for more information on keeping your home's electrical system safe.


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