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Installing Water Heater Timers & Troubleshooting Electric Water Heaters

Many customers want to save money by installing water heater timers or troubleshooting electric water heaters themselves.  When an electric water heater has problems, some of the most common sources involve heating elements, thermostats, and other electrical components. The two heating elements, both upper and lower, are immersed in water and controlled by thermostats which, along with the high-temperature cutoff, are concealed behind a panel on the side.  If the high-temperature cutoff has tripped due to water that’s too hot, the solution may be as easy as pushing the reset button.  However, troubleshooting electric water heaters can be tricky and accessing the controls or reset button may involve some risk of electrical shock.

Typically, the control panel is easy enough to remove but then insulation must be cut away after removing the panel.  High voltage dangers and general inaccessibility often warrant a service call to adjust the thermostats, reset the high-temperature cutoff, or to replace any of these components of the heating elements themselves.

Contact Rockwall Electric when you need help troubleshooting electric water heaters.  We will conduct a thorough inspection, provide a cost estimate and, in most cases, fix it right away.  No hassles, no worries, just flowing hot water!


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