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Is It Time For A New Electrical Panel Installation?

6 Signs That Show It's Time For A New Electrical Panel Installation

An electrical power panel is arguably the most important component of a home. Another way to look at it is as the heart of a home. It needs to be taken care of and maintained to help it produce at its most efficient pace. Unfortunately, most people don't pay any attention to it unless it is necessary. In most cases, most people only take a look at it when there is a breaker trip or outage. That being said, we have to keep in mind that the well being of the electrical panel is critical to keeping you and your home safe. Issues resulting from poor maintenance of panels are some of the leading causes to live home wire accidents, burnouts, and even residential fires. Apart from that, understanding these realities also serves the purpose of allowing us to determine whether it is time to make a full panel replacement.

This is where the importance of knowing how an electrical panel installation or breaker panel replacement comes into play. As we can imagine, installing a breaker panel will require dealing with separate bars and switches, wires, and other technical components. While it can be done with home tools, it's best to leave this process up to the professionals. They not only know if you need a full replacement, but they can also give you an estimate on how much it will cost you to do so. With that out of the way, the question then becomes knowing whether or not you need a breaker panel replacement expert to assess your situation. With this in mind, here are six signs that show it's time to call an expert for new electrical panel installation.

#1: It's Over 20 Years Old

Like many other things, electrical panels also have a lifespan. The lifespan for a breaker will be anywhere from 20 years to the youngest to 25 at the latest. While that may sound like a long time to not have to worry about a panel, remember that poor maintenance will only speed up the aging process. To be on the safe side, consider making a new installation a few years or as soon as the lifespan of your panel reaches 20.

#2: There Are Constant Breaker Trips

Another obvious sign that it's time for a new installation is if there are constant breaker trips. More specifically, a breaker trip is a method that's within a panel to prevent circuit breaks that are drawing to much power. For this reason, constant breaks can mean that a circuit is right around the corner which will require a new installation.

#3: It's Showing Wear & Tear(Rust)

The reason wear and tear are not grouped in with a panel lifespan is that some people are responsible enough to take care of their panel. In other words, just because a panel is over 20 years old and will require a new installation doesn't mean it also looks rough. If you have a breaker that is showing some wear and tear even though it hasn't reached its full lifespan yet, that's a sign that a new installation is necessary. Signs of wear and tear can include rust around the edges, burn marks, buzzing, and other similar signs.

#4: Your Home Experiences Faulty Wiring Issues

As mentioned before, issues stemming from poor panel maintenance such as faulty wiring issues are one of the leading causes of residential accidents. If you come across faulty wiring issues of your own, take action to get an installation as soon as possible. It's not worth wasting any more time not doing so.

#5: The Panel Is Warm Or Hot To The Touch

Sometimes determining whether you need a panel installation doesn't have to be as technical as noticing faulty wires or trips. For example, a simple solution that can be a sign of a new panel is if it is warm or hot to the touch. If your panel is like this, that's a sign that it is outputting more than it has to and is not working as efficiently as it should.

#6: It Has A Below Average Power Rating

When it comes to installing a breaker panel, one of the sign professionals make sure it's up to qualifications is its power rating. Quite obviously, a good breaker will have an average to above-average power rating. On the other hand, a below-average power rating means that the panel needs some adjustments or a full installation to work efficiently.

If you have questions or would like us to take a look at your panel and troubleshoot it, then please reach out and request a service call from Rockwall Electric.


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