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Understanding Your Electrical Panel

The chances are good that you're no stranger to the small gray metal box or electrical panel typically located in your laundry room, utility room, garage, or basement.

However, just because you know what your electrical box is doesn't automatically mean that you know how it works.

Why Is An Electrical Panel So Important?

Breaking it down to the simplest form, it's the "brain" that keeps your home electrical system running safely, securely, and smoothly by housing and powering the breakers and circuits.

Your electric panel serves as the receiver for the incoming electrical load, dispersing the circuits' energy to the outlets throughout your home safely.

In situations where an outlet or circuit becomes overloaded, it "trips" to the off position, powering everything down.

Additionally, the electric panel offers homeowners a safe way to power down electricity as needed to make repairs, do electrical work, or renovations. By doing so, you're significantly lessening the chance for electrocution.

What You'll Find Inside Your Service Panel

When you open up your electrical panel, you'll see several switches. Each switch controls a specific area or room in your home, such as your kitchen, living room, utility room, bedroom, bathroom, and basement. In larger or newer homes, rooms might have more than one breaker that controls power to the area.

For convenience, labeling each switch with the part of the home it controls can save time and aggravation down the road.

These switches connect to the circuits, regulating the electrical flow throughout the panel safely.

What To Do If Something Isn't Working

If you notice that you're tripping a circuit whenever you use the toaster or turn on your hairdryer, this could indicate an underlying problem in the breaker box.

In this situation, calling an electrician is in your best interest. If left unchecked, there's the potential for personal injuries, electrical fires, and other property damages. An experienced electrician will evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action to safely and reliably get your electricity back online.

Update Outdated Electrical Wiring

It takes a significant amount of power to run a modern home. If the electrical wiring in your house can't handle your demands, you're likely to experience tripped circuits frequently. Older homes with a limited number of outlets or voltage capacity are prime candidates for an electrical wiring upgrade.

Residential And Commercial Electrician In Rockwall, Texas

Rockwall Electric serves residential and commercial clients throughout the Rockwall, Texas, area. When you call for service, you can rely on experienced electricians to have the training and specialized equipment needed to identify the issues' source and complete electrical or wiring repairs. Contact us for all your electrical related problems for prompt and courteous care.


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